Our Story

We come cultivating Maca for generations from our ancestors, both seed productioi an the planting of Maca in all its stages, ie land cleaning, plowing, fluffy (the last 2 our ancestors carrird out such audits with chaquitaclla and tolos espectively Stone base and we now do whit agricultural tractor), seeding, cultivation, harvesting, drying in the sun, clasification and stored.

Initially it was for home consumption and barter in which very Little land area planted and from 1993 began to increase to reach large reas, now we can sow a lot more tan we are sowing the market if requested.

Since the demise of Our fathers(1984 and 1986), the brothers and sons have been working together.

Over the years we picking on sales to large enterprises collector (eg Chemistry Switzerland 1996 -1999), ie we requested formal enterprises both quantity and quality while bills. The year 1996 started making Maca in University Agraria La Molina, producing for two food stores, but three years later we sell because we could not compete on price with adulterated Maca is much cheaper. Then in 2002 we decided formalizarnos and this is how we form the Maca Growers Association Bombon Plateau - Peru. Started selling bulk Maca flour wholesale and sells Maca whole, having as customers Exporters and a Laboratory. Also prepare a final product opportunity, gelatinized Maca Capsules and Powder for France. It also made a trip to conduct a market survey FOODEX Fair-JAPAN. We participate in ExpoPer-JAPAN. Also we are so been participating in countries such us Ecuador, Colombia; China (Beijing and Shangay) in July 2014, and South Corea in september 2015.

Through various activities, we are promoting the strengthening of the promotion of national and international consumption and appreciation of this ancient culture has andino.

Similarly in the internationalization process enabling us come constantly. We have organic certification for USA, Europe and Japan